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Frequently Asked Questions

What IS covered by the basic wash n fold “per pound” price?

-Our basic “per pound” pricing includes items that can be sorted into light and dark colored laundry loads. This price includes detergent, softener, washing, drying, folding, and packaging.

Can I get my clothes returned on hangers?

-Yes, we would gladly return your clothes hung on hangers for a $.10 charge per hanger.

What is NOT covered in the wash n fold “per pound” price?

-We charge separately for items that cannot be sorted into white or colored loads (for example comforters and blankets).
Please see our 
Wash & Fold Price List 
for items not covered in the "per pound" price.

Do you mix my clothes with other people's clothes?

-No, we will never mix your clothes with another customer's. We always put your clothes in your own washer and dryer just like you would do. We label the washer and dryer with your identifying information.

Do you pre-spot stains?

-We will treat stains that we see if we think our stain treatments will be effective. It is almost impossible to remove some stains without special chemicals or repeated treatments. Unless you agree to added charges we do not pre-soak or rewash clothes containing difficult stains.

What happens if clothes in my Wash-N-Fold get damaged?

-While we do our best to make sure pockets are empty, we cannot be responsible for items left in pockets or in the laundry bag that may cause damage to your clothes. We do our best to identify “dry clean” only items but we cannot be responsible to damage of these type items if they were mixed in with the bag of laundry you dropped off to us without prior notice. We cannot be responsible for normal wear and tear or pre-existing damage. We also do not guarantee against color loss or shrinkage.

You must tell us if there are items in your laundry bag that require special handling. Otherwise, we assume your laundry is machine wash and dry ready and you agree to accept it from Jersey Shore Laundry “as is”.

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